Christoph Knittel

Mobile Apps Developer. Oracle Certified Professional.

GEO Play Pro

GEO Play Pro, my first iOS game, has been out for a few weeks now. It’s a world capitals quiz game that’s perfect for all geography enthusiasts and students.

What sets it apart from similar games, in addition to the gorgeous graphic design, is the multiplayer mode implemented via the Game Center turn-based API and the beautiful map based on NASA Landsat satellite images.

A free, ad-supported version of the game is also available.



iPad Retina Priorities

Recently, people have been complaining on Twitter that recompilation with iOS 5.1 SDK is required in order to support Retina assets for the new iPad.

While preparing a universal update for my app KaiCards including iPad Retina support, I discovered that there is a good reason for this: If iPad Retina support had been enabled for apps compiled with older SDKs, this would have broken most existing universal apps.


Having written exactly six blog posts since migrating this website to WordPress in October 2010, I have now migrated my blog again: is now running on Octopress.

Why? Octopress is a geek’s dream:

  • Write your posts using Markdown
  • … in your favorite editor (whether Vim, Sublime Text 2 or whatever is cool at the moment).
  • Store, version control and optionally deploy it using git.
  • Host on any HTTP server. No PHP or database required.
  • Easy deployment to a free Heroku instance.
  • Easy integration of Twitter, Google+ and GitHub.
  • Comments via disqus.

I hope Octopress will inspire me to post more frequently. ;–)