Christoph Knittel

Mobile Apps Developer. Oracle Certified Professional.

iOS Apps

GEO Play (Pro/Free)

Put your globe-trotting knowledge to the test and try out this fun app about World Capitals. See if you’ve got what it takes, and challenge your friends, too!

Come and join the ride around the globe! Developed in cooperation with Loop Labs.

KaiCards (Pro/Free)

Create and print your personal business cards with KaiCards in seconds! Choose your contact data, select a design and instantly see a preview of your individual card.

Print to your AirPrint-compatible printer or to a PDF document, or order your printed cards directly from the app (worldwide!).

Goto Coordinates

The quickest and simplest way to enter GPS coordinates on your iPhone!

Enter your coordinates in one of three common formats and press a single button to start navigation in the iOS maps app.

Goto Photo

Navigate to a photo’s location with a single tap!

No need to enter any GPS coordinates. Just select the photo from your photo library and press “Go” to start the routing in the iOS maps app.

Rina – die kleine Ballerina

Ein interaktives Kinderbuch für das iPad, geeignet für Kinder ab ca. 3 Jahren. Inklusive Vorlesefunktion, Suchspiel und physikalischer Simulation, bei der die Puppe Rina und viele Gegenstände von den Kindern bewegt werden können.

Entwickelt in Kooperation mit OGI IT. Geschichte, Grafik und Animationen von frau mag rosa pink.

A1 HANDY Parken

Bestellen Sie Ihre Parkscheine in 14 österreichischen Städten einfach per SMS! A1 HANDY Parken ist die offizielle HANDY Parken App für das iPhone. Nähere Infos unter

Kurzparkzonen Wien

Mein Beitrag zu Open Government Data Wien: Die iPhone- und iPad-App Kurzparkzonen Wien zeigt die Wiener flächendeckenden Kurzparkzonen als Overlay über der Google Maps Karte an.

iPark Dubai

Your simple way to book SMS parking tickets in Dubai on your iPhone! iPark Dubai automatically composes the correct SMS message for you. Includes Arabic and English localization and a parking history function.


Let your kids practice their times tables easily on the iPad! Generates a unique worksheet on every use, without any duplicate calculations.

Select the times tables to include (2-10). For variety or added difficulty, enable divisions or ask for the multiplier instead of the product.